Introducing Broadcast: The Future of Workplace Communication
January 24, 2023

Introducing Broadcast: The Future of Workplace Communication

Summary: Broadcast gets your team on the same page. We make your internal updates effortless so you can scale faster. Stop wasting time manually writing updates and sign up for early access today.

You've heard it all before. For a company to succeed, you need to know your customer's challenges, build a team that collaborates well, and make strategic decisions that pay off. But what no one talks about is that underpinning these three things, there is an essential foundation: access to timely, accurate, and meaningful information.

As a leader, you need this information to unblock urgent problems, help your team collaborate, and decide where to spend your valuable time.

But the way organizations manage information is fundamentally broken. To get this critical information, you or your team has to pull it together manually – taking you away from where they are needed in building, selling, and supporting customers.

Not anymore.

Introducing Broadcast

It's a brand new tool, designed to help you write better updates, faster. It gives you the information you need, when you need it, while keeping your team focused on what matters.

Broadcast is a communication tool that:

  • Saves you time. No more writing manual updates.
  • Leverages AI. The first draft writes itself for you.
  • Enables collaboration. Keep everyone on the same page, even if you're not in the same room.
  • Integrates with your stack. Instantly pulls information from your established SaaS tools.

Why We Built This

As early-stage employees helping to build Opendoor, there was one question that was guaranteed to derail our productivity:

"What's the status on XYZ?"

In the fast-paced startup world, information is extremely fragmented. A study from Asana found that your managers are spending over 60 percent of their time simply managing and directing this flow of information – acting as air traffic controllers instead of value-builders and problem-solvers.

The solution was surprisingly manual: every week, we'd have to write multiple updates to leadership, cross-functional stakeholders and direct teams. But there were problems with this:

  • Time-consuming: Writing these updates took hours. We had to find and translate metrics from one tool, pull in information from another, check in with collaborators, and make it into a digestible narrative.
  • Unknown Impact: We never knew who was reading them. Did it reach the right people? How much context did they need? What mattered to them, in particular?
  • Formats: Some wanted them over slack to have a flowing discussion, some over email so that it was threaded, some just wanted a link.

We weren't alone in using this ineffective approach at Opendoor. Far from it. We spoke to over 100 scaling organizations. We found, again and again, that this was the solution all had landed upon. Marketing, operations, engineering, product, customer success and leadership – they all use these regular updates to try to cut through the noise and figure out what's most important.

We knew there had to be something better. So we built it. We've been building for the last eighteen months, helping fast-growing companies like Alt, Doorvest, and many more.

Today, we're opening up early access so we can help you to change the way you work.

What Comes Next

This is the first step in helping you achieve a world where sharing your work doesn't create more work. Our vision for Broadcast goes far beyond a regular status updates, though.

We envision a world where your updates are automagically written and shared across the company so that nobody ever needs to send a "What's the status of XYZ?" ping again. We want to build a world where you get to do what you were hired to do – create, build, lead, and inspire.

We've raised $1.3mm from investors like Lachy Groom (ex-Stripe), Weekend Fund (Ryan Hoover), Eric Wu (Opendoor), Terrence Rohan (Otherwise Fund), and 30+ operators and executives at fast-growing companies to support us solving this big problem.

We're excited for you to try Broadcast out and eager to hear your feedback.

Varadh Jain & Connor Jacobsen

Co-founders, Broadcast